Friday, September 3, 2010

how to format your laptop

this is special one to who still doesn't know how to format laptop.
really want to format this laptop is not so hard

deliberately want to talk in this space

just sharing

okay let's read first .. 

you must have windows cd .. 

looking in shop .. 

ask for window's cd xp/vsta/w7 ask ..2nd ..

u all must have driver cd
when buying new laptop,im sure u are provide also the cd
after that, u all put your cd in laptop

then restart your laptop

after put the cd,

u all must press F12/F2/F9 button (depens with barand of laptop)

after that, window will dislplay "please enter any key to boot from cd"

 u all must enter any key to enter boot screen,if notwindows will loading like normal ..
when it boot from cd

u all just follow the intruction

either to format/repair ..

format take around 30 minute

after finished, u all must install the driver

and another software that u want to use.
see.. it so easy

better u all format your laptop by your own

intead of send your laptop to computer's shop

they will charge u for rm40++ just only for format

beside that, your privacy file also they can see..
okay.. see you later.. hopefully this post will help you..

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