Monday, September 6, 2010

please check your car..

raya-raya.. everyone is busy with their "balik kampung's" program
eitheri by car/motorcycle/bus/train & so on..

what i want to share here is, i have a friend studying at penang..
& his hometown at kuala luimpur.. 

last saturday he wanted to drive back to kuala lumpur
like usuall, he shaking our hands hands before leave us..

when it was my turn, i ask him, wether he had check his car or not..
to my surprise, he didn't check hir car!!!
imagine, he will be in a long journey and yet he didn't even looked at his engine.
uhhhh...i cant say anything.

i asked him why he didnt check his car's engine and this is his 
answer: : "ak x taw pape pon pasal engine jek yg ak taw"
i laugh loudly with his answser.
then he ask me to help him to check his car.
with my pleasure,,,i gave my hand
1st i check oil engine.. 

it startled me, his oil engine's level was in minimun level!
wahhhh,,its so dangerous.. try imagine this situation, 
if he still drive his car  with this situation,
his car's car piston will be crack...

where piston located? inside of engine..

try imagine, what happen if piston move up and down without oil engine?.. 

look funny right? he doesn't know anything... it is so dangerous.. 
i always spare oil engine in my car..
so i gave it to him.
(u r welcome fren ^^ )

2nd.. i check his radiator water.. 

again...i took a long sigh. his radiator tank is empty.. 
and his backcup tank, also empty.
function of radiator is to cool down the engine.. what happen if no water at more?

your engine will be HOT..

so as conclusion...

u all must check your car 1st before get into long journey

what to check?

1st oil engine
2nd water of radiator
3rd break oil
4rd automatic oil
5th power stering oil

love your car, like to love your bf/gf... ^_^

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